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We can offer turnkey solutions or task based support.

We have access to job boards and tools to assist in identifying the best candidates.

We offer customized solutions to assess client cultural fit. 

We can offer interviewing techniques training and retention strategies. 


This is a scalable cost-effective solution during peak periods. We provide an exclusive recruitment effort based on an hourly rate. Our clients prefer this option when they need positions filled that require immediate recruitment action, but want to spread the expense based on actual hours worked. Once we have assessed the position openings, we determine the best recruiters for the assignment and then advise the client of the hourly rate. Clients pay on a monthly basis for only the hours worked. 


We provide recruitment services for a retained fee plus a fee for performance success. This can be offered when recruiting for one specialized position or multiple positions.We calculate the fee based on a percentage of the targeted compensation for the position(s). We charge one third of the total fee at the start of the search. We charge another third after presenting three qualified and interested candidates based on agreed upon criteria. We charge the final third once an offer has been accepted. We offer guarantees in this format. 


Project staffing is a perfect solution for our cost conscience clients with deadlines. They tell us how many people they need by what date. We charge a monthly fee to accomplish the goal. For example, if 20 sales representatives are needed within 60 days, we assess the position requirements, review the hiring process, and assess the market. We provide our client with a cost-effective proposal to meet hiring objectives. This is an excellent option when our clients have definitive staffing goals to get the business up and running effectively and efficiently.


An effective recruitment process will improve your time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve governmental compliance. Our consultants can review and improve the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the onboarding . We specialize in analyzing current recruitment processes and defining strategies to complement or significantly improve your recruitment process to ensure positive results.


We provide one of our experienced recruiters at the client site and the client directs their recruiting activities. When our clients have ongoing hiring needs and prefer to have all recruiting activity performed on site, they often choose this option. Our recruitment and other HR consulting expertise is available to assist if or when needed


The level of performance of a company depends on the effectiveness of its recruitment function. This includes effective networking, employee referral programs, targeted advertising on the most successful job boards and the ultimate on-boarding of new employees. Success is accomplished by providing tools that are easy to use and are consistently implemented by your managers. The result will be time efficiency and cost-effective interviews with measurable results, lower hiring mistakes, higher employee productivity, lower turnover, reduced training time, and increased prediction of employee success or failure. Our retention strategies focus on reducing turnover and are tailored to our clients' special culture and environment. 

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