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We can provide human resource support on a task by task basis or we can act as the outsourced human resource department for small growing companies. 




We can help a growing organization to develop effectively and meet the need to provide both the corporation and its employees the opportunity to meet goals. We can assist with career planning and succession planning. We can design and develop mangers' guides, employee  handbooks, contractor overviews, coaching materials, employee communications and numerous other communication tools. Policies and procedures provide guidance for fair and consistent staff treatment. Our consultants strategize with you regarding your environment and culture, transforming it to the written word based upon solid employment practices.




We can develop programs that consider coaching, career pathing, succession planning and performance improvement planning.  In addition, we can provide managers with guidance and training delivery of these programs.  We can enhance current programs or design a program that is customized to a company's culture. We can grow these programs as each company grows. Establishing sound guidelines and expectations for employees and then communicating them really hits the bottom line when it comes to meeting earnings objectives. We create comprehensive performance indicators, including management instructions and time.




Often determining what you need help with is the greatest roadblock to making improvements or resolving HR issues. Each business and culture is unique. Our senior HR consultants, drawing on years of business experience, bring appropriate answers to your specific needs. Whether your need is policy, practice or issues oriented, our consultants bring the experience and resources to help you address your situation in a way that is appropriate for your business. Even if you have not pinpointed the problem, we can help you determine what it is by applying our experience to what you are trying to accomplish.




We offer a variety of options to companies to help in the areas of organizational and training needs, from assessments to specific curriculum design and delivery. Your production expectations must be accompanied by up-to-date education on topics that are critical both to your company's needs, as well as state/federal requirements. Our customizable training modules are tailored to your objectives and can be delivered personally or provided to your trainers for delivery.




A focus group is basically a way to reach out to your employees for feedback and comment, which means that they have a chance to express in their own words how they feel about your organization and why. For focus groups to deliver on their potential, they must be approached with precision and creativity. The most effective focus groups are rigorously planned and executed, but also use innovative group facilitation techniques. As a result, they´re a rewarding experience for participants and yield tremendous insights. Our consultants look to provide your company with meaningful data to increase productivity and profitability. 




No one looks forward to reductions in force, but with our skilled staff of consultants, your employees will experience personalized services to help them quickly succeed in the employment market and reduce your company's overall unemployment costs. We will help you plan your outplacement programs, prepare your managers for the separation process, and be on site during notification to quickly transition your employees. Times of transition can be extremely stressful to the affected individual, as well as the company. Our objective is to create a process that helps our clients and employees manage these transitions in a caring and compassionate way.




Not every company has the time or resources to make informed decisions regarding salary and compensation. We offer complete compensation analysis to help you decide what a fair wage is and what kind of incentives to offer for a given position and market. Our compensation models include equity analysis, salary range creation, incentive plans and FLSA compliance. We also work with our clients to execute the program in a manner that does not unduly tax company goals. The job description is a communication tool that is important for your organization's success. This resource describes the nature of the work, working conditions, employment details, training and background qualifications, advancement, job outlook, and earnings. Job descriptions are vital for recruitment so that you and the applicants can understand the role. We offer experienced consultants who can assure accurate, fair and compliant job descriptions. In addition, we can do benefits administration as well as evaluate and enhance current programs. 


We collaborate with clients to ensure our services align with their current infrastructure and culture. We take the time to learn what is unique about each client and what process works most effectively. This method ensures that our initial projects go smoothly thereby making new clients feel comfortable with bringing us in and out of future projects as needed.

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